Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Fluently} Adding and Subtracting

Tomorrow is *technically* my Friday Eve since we do not have school on Friday :)  Even though I am happy to be halfway through the week, I have to say, Tuesdays are slowly becoming my favorite day of the week. I take this super fun hip hop dance class called Shbam....it hardly feels like working out and it also helps that the instructor is HILARIOUS and always brightens my day!  

ANYWAYS.....For the past couple weeks we have been working on word problems, I am so proud of my little guys, they are getting so good at them!  Next we will begin fluently adding and subtracting to 5.  I am thinking lots of flash cards and practice, practice, practice!  How do you teach this skill?  How many problems per minute do you consider "fluent"?  


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower. You asked about Words Their Way. I personally LOVE the word sort books that came out a few years ago. Prior to that I was HATING on word study because it seemed like a lot of work to make different sorts for the kids for a very short part of our week. I imagine it is very different in kindergarten with students still learning to read, but I love my word searches. I don't even give the kids the copy of the sorting sheet anymore. They are forced to search the word search for spelling patterns and to figure out the focus of their word search as they go. Then, they must record the words they find, sorting as they go, so they still get the sorting practice. From one NC blogger to another, can't wait to read more about your teaching adventures and enjoy your spring break!

  2. That sounds great! Do you think it could be used for Daily 5 Word Work??? We have been learning about digraph and I found some great Words Their Way digraph activities! I am actually at a year round school....track 2! So I can look forward to a track out in a few weeks....Hope you have a great spring break....I am sure it is well deserved :)